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The advantage of the system is that a coupon displayed to a prospective purchaser is actively selected by the purchaser and the selection is correlated with the actual purchase of the item that is subject to a coupon discount by that purchaser.Coupon Stacking and the Digital Coupon POS Process. coupon code and provide it to the POS scanner or.Alternately, each manufacturer or distributor of a purchase item subject to a coupon deduction can poll the store computer 49 or systems controller 50 to selectively extract the crediting and accounting data for its redeemed coupons.Actron is the industry leader in automotive diagnostics, scan tools, and code readers.

The screen display is generated directly from formatted screen display data from the processed transmission signal, or, indirectly, after comparison with product promotional display data stored in a promotional data file 73 in the random access storage memory 34 of the communicator unit 14, as a retrieved and processed memory file.Referring to the block diagram of FIG. 3, the internal operation of the system can be better understood.

Electronic components distributor offering semiconductors, passives, interconnects, electromechanical, power supplies, test and measurement equipment.Exergen Corporation, creator of the first temporal artery thermometer, The Temporal Scanner, is the leader in industrial and medical temperature technology.Our complete POS systems come pre configured to use top barcode scanners and receipt printers.In this manner, the shopper can be tracked from station to station to allow development of additional marketing information.The communication unit also has a transmission circuit to allow the event of the coupon selection to be communicated at checkout.

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This includes CAT, Cummins, Detroit, International, Mack, Volvo.If a coupon comes out for the preferred items in their city.This locational data can be recorded into the coupon exception files for download at the checkout counter whether or not coupons have been selected.Once at the checkout counter, this shopper can enter a coupon selection by use of an available basket, cart or fixed communicator unit 70 mounted on the checkout counters shown in FIG. 1. The appropriate coupon can be located after scrolling through the coupon data file 32, displayed and selected with the scroll and select buttons for quick access.

The electronic display device 12 may be integrated into the shopping cart handle 26 or attached thereto by an attachment mechanism such as side clamps 28.Referring to FIG. 2, the message sending unit 58 may be constructed with the control circuitry and battery pack 76 displaced from the front display area of a product gondola 61, as shown, to minimize the occupation of valuable shelf space.The use of wireless transmission means minimizes the system installation costs and maximizes the mobility of the message sending units for relocation for changes in product promotions.

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Furthermore, the discount coupons are preferably activated when the shopper is in the market area proximate the location of the discounted items.

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The stationary message sending unit 58 is similar in design to the portable communication unit 14 and at certain locations includes a display screen 64 for simultaneous display of the coupon.In operation, the communication unit 14 provides the shopper with a tool having easy to operate controls for locating items from a directory or reviewing promotions and coupons stored in memory.

Never miss a Racing Electronics sale or online discount, updated daily.Alternately, to conserve power on the portable unit 14, which is minimized in size and therefore has a small battery pack, the message sending unit 58 has a motion detector 62 to detect the presence of a communication unit 14 and transmit a wake-up call, as a cart is rolled by, or a shopper walks by the message sending unit 58.Redemption coupons can be submitted in large numbers to the product manufacturer by unscrupulous retailers without the product having ever been purchased.Save up to 25% with these current Sales.racingelectronics coupons for November 2017.

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This controller is essentially a computer that communicates with the coupon interface modules to extract the information from the data stream between the checkout terminals and the store computer, and coordinates the action of the interface module in injecting discount data to the terminal and store computer during checkout.In general, the store manager receives compensation according to frequency of display of a coupon or promotional, and a tailored program is generated by the store manager to control the timing and frequency of select coupons and promotions.Check out all the latest scannermaster.com coupons and apply them for instantly savings.

The communication unit transmits a digital data signal to the interface module identifying the coupons accepted by the purchaser for redemption.POSGuys.com has the best point of sale systems for your business.As an improvement, to enable selective update of point of purchase promotional advertisements that are associated with a particular one of the store distributed message sending units, the message sending unit transmits the product promotional display data, which is similar in form and content to the product coupon display data, to the communication unit 14.Since it is desirable to manage the paperless electronic coupon system independently of the store computer, a separate systems controller is employed.The display screen 64 of the message sending unit 58 may be cantilevered from a shelf 82, as shown, or alternatively mounted against the edge of the shelf, (not shown) to maximize exposure and minimize shelf space usage.Concurrently, any promotional control data accompanying the promotional screen display data is updated, replaced or deleted.

The transceiver 56 allows the portable communication unit 14 to be loaded with coupon data remotely.The customer display device 12 is part of a portable communication unit 14 having a control panel 15 with a display screen 16 and easily operated user controls 18, such as complementary up and down scroll buttons 20, 22, and select buttons 24.The wake-up transmission activates any communication units 14 within range of the message sending and transmits a digital data signal incorporating the locationally specific product coupon data and product control data to the communication unit 14.Compact and lightweight, the RE3000 is excellent for weekends at the track.

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An electronic paperless couponing system in which a store provides shoppers with an electronic communications device having a display screen for display of a graphic of a redemption coupon that represents a discount for an item in the store available for purchase.

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A disclosed example coupon management system includes a processor to determine an applicable.As electronic coupon interface module 98 also shown in enlarged detail in FIG. 3 provides the chip set and specialty application programming necessary to adapt to the bar code scanner and checkout terminal at the checkout counter, and communicates with the store computer and systems controller.